Pet Clean Fresh Mint Dental Pads – Gentle Oral Care for Dogs & Cats – 50 Count (Pack of 1)

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We prioritize your pet’s hygiene. Our easy-to-use products, plant-based formulas, and natural deodorizers ensure a safe and efficient clean-up experience. Ensure to keep your furry friend fresh and happy!
A Breath of Freshness: Experience the power of Fresh Mint Flavored Dog Breath Freshener Wipes as they work their magic on your furry companion’s breath. E These mint-infused wipes create a refreshing aura.
Veterinarian-Recommended Excellence: Rest easy knowing that Pet Clean Dental Wipes have earned the trust and endorsement of esteemed veterinarians. You can be confident in providing your pets with a top-notch oral hygiene solution.
Advanced Care at Your Fingertips: Unleash the power of advanced technology with the textured design of Pet Clean Dental Wipes. These ingenious wipes delicately yet effectively combat plaque and tartar buildup, targeting even the most stubborn corners of your pet’s mouth.
Embrace Effortless Oral Care: Pre-moistened and disposable, these wipes liberate you from the clutches of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Elevate their well-being with a simple swipe, making oral care an enjoyable and effortless journey for both you and your cherished companion.

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